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Handmae Round Felt Round Rug


Round Felt Rug / Carpet

At very competitive price with FREE SHIPPING

For a custom size please contact us.

For a custom color please provide us the Color Number provided from the Felt ball Color Chart.

Above 90cm (35") FREE Expedite mail.

Multi/Solid Color Rug / Carpet

This is a very well handmade colorful FELT pom pom carpet, rug from Nepal. Both side of the carpet can be used.

All these are Handmade felt ball rugs made out of 100 % wool imported from New Zealand.
These products are made by manipulating fibers until it matt and then shrinking the fabric to make the fibers till it tangles well together. This is a handmade felt and is made through the wet felting process, which involves wetting the fibers and agitating until it gets tangled form a sturdy cloth.

How it is made?

Each felt balls are hand sewn together. Lot of effort has been put by the maker to produce all these felt products. You will feel the human touch that will make you happy as you use it or touch it. You can use on both sides. All these products are perfect for any rooms and to gift and are very much appreciated in the coming years.

100% Made in Nepal under fair trade.Made of premium quality New Zealand wool.
Dyed from Natural color. Eco friendly product.
You can use it in any room as the color vibe is very positive.
One of the best selling product.
For your own design let us know and we will assist you.

Material:- New Zealand 100% Wool
Felt ball colors:- Multi Color / Solid
Felt ball size:- 2 cm in diameter

Custom design: For a custom sizes & designs please choose the color from the color chart and provide us the code numbers.

For WHOLESALE message us.