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Christmas Decoration Felt Balls Pom Pom 2cm Wool DIY Garland Beads Nepal

Christmas Colors Felt balls. Let us have a perfect pieces to decorate with these lovely natural woolen colorful felt balls to welcome our holiday seasons.


Red color represents the fall of Adam in the plays.

When he died on the cross it is said that the blood represents the blood of Lord Jesus while he died. It is also the color of Holly berries.


The plants that are evergreen such as Ivy, Holly and Mistletoe are used since long time to decorate in many ways. It also reminds us that season comes and goes.  It does not remain forever.


White is associated with holy, pure or Peace in western cultures. In winter the color of the snow is very white.

This is a very well handmade Red, White and Green color mixed FELT loose beads from Nepal.

These products are made by manipulating fibers until it matt and then shrinking the fabric to make the fibers till it tangles well together. This is a handmade felt and is made through the wet felting process, which involves wetting the fibers and agitating until it gets tangled form a sturdy cloth.

Material:- New Zealand 100% Wool
Size:- 2 cm in diameter approx.
Color:- Red,White and Green color

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