A family Run Business with trust and faith with the customers for generations !
Welcome To Nepalagora

My father use to run this business in the 70's and now he is retired and having a good time as he pleases. I live with him and he is our advisor and he always insists to sale only genuine products or to be informed truth to the buyer. It is important to let the buyer know exactly what they are paying for.

He has paved the path for me to do better as I can be, being loyal and honest businessman. Every weekend I started selling in the Flea Market in New York “Mardi Gra” in 2001 when the .com was booming with AOL net. (You got mail…lol) likewise eBay. In 2003 I decided to run the business online. I started listing in the free site “craigslist” with the help from my friend. As we started selling we thought to try eBay to sale in 2003. Since then I have been selling on eBay. But now I wanted to have my own website so here I’m doing my best to take my business in the next level with the unconditional support from my loyal buyers. As I know without your support and help I will not be able to get here. You all are my asset and I humbly thank to all the buyers who have had become my friends and advisors.

I am very happy to get associated in this business as these handcrafted items are very beautiful, enchanting and are worn, passed and kept for a long time to come.

I'm very thankful to my father for showing me the way to appreciate the handmade products and to advertise as I canto let the whole world know to give preference to handmade products too.

Now I’m associated with small home based business to uplift there life selling their products having fraction of profits. These hardworking makers come from remote area looking for a better future for their children and for themselves. Life is hard out here if not taken seriously for the migrators.

As I get products directly from the maker because of that I’m being able to compete with other suppliers. There is no middle person to share the profit.

I look forward to do the business with you.

Happy buying !

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